Specialised Early Childhood Music Program

Specifically design for children aged 0-5 years using the Kodály concept, the Little Lane Early Learning Centre Music Program provides opportunities for each child to participate in weekly music classes, delivered by our highly skilled and trained Early Childhood music teacher.

Our specialised Early Childhood music teacher understands the importance and benefits of prompting developing speech, vocabulary, listening and memory skills through structured and planned music lessons.



The Kodály concept

Developed by the Hungarian composer, Zoltan Kodály, the Kodály concept is based on the premise that music facilitates emotional, spiritual and intellectual development and that every person is capable of being a musician when given the right music education. Kodály believed that music education is basic to the foundations of all learning and should start from the very beginning of a child’s learning journey.

The Kodály concept utilizes the voice, as the most accessible instrument, to teach young children about musical elements and develop their musical ear. The foundational elements taught through this method can then be transferred to learn how to play other musical instruments.

The Kodály concept promotes children’s natural learning through games, songs and fun, inviting them to explore the musical elements that are presented sequentially by a trained music teacher.

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