Specialised Early Years Art Program


The Little Lane Early Learning Centre Art Program is delivered in our purpose-built Atelier by our artist in residence in order to promote an appreciation of the arts within the early years. Our artist in residence has the skills and passion required to facilitate our unique art curriculum to children aged 0-5 years. Through this program children will have the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums, such as clay, charcoal, paint, wire and 3D modelling to support learning and explorations.

Our unique art curriculum allows children to explore varying methods of self-expression, communication and interpretation, as well as promoting creativity, empathy, understanding and physical dexterity.

The importance of Art within the Early Childhood Curriculum

There strong links between children's opportunity and ability to engage with and create art, and their social and emotional development. Art appreciation and representation can allow children express their feelings before they have words for their complex emotions and reactions to their internal and external worlds.Having opportunities to experiment with expressing feelings and emotions in non-threatening ways can assist children to be more capable in doing in real-life situations.

Additionally, having opportunity to explore and experience multiple visual art mediums encourages children to build fine motor dexterity in their hands, enabling to have better control of a pencil when it comes time for them to begin to write.

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